We’re bringing back one of our favorite promotions—BONUS DAYS! Because do you know what’s a great deal? Getting rewarded for all the crafting supplies you’re already going to buy!

Earning Period: July 6–31
When you shop between July 6–31 and spend $50 USD you will earn a $5 coupon! Make sure you save all your coupons because you can redeem them (and we mean ALL of them) between August 1–31. There’s no limit to how many coupons you can earn!
Please use host code: FDRCCNW3
(Orders that are started before the promotion begins will not count toward earning coupon codes. For example, if you add items to your cart before July 6 and wait to purchase until that date or later, then those items will not qualify towards earning coupons. You must add items to your cart and complete your purchase during the earning period.)

Redemption Period: August 1–31
During the month of August, you redeem your Bonus Days coupons! There’s no limit to how many coupons codes can be redeemed, but these codes will expire on August 31, 2023.